We provide the following services for our customers:

Supply of components

(spare parts, assembly parts) for machines and technological equipment, e.g. all components for industrial automation (elements of pneumatic and hydraulic distributions, electrical equipment for these systems, measuring and control technology, accessories, etc.), consumables.

Integration of dispersed supplies

from many different domestic and foreign manufacturers/suppliers, the client optimally maintains a business relationship with only one business partner for selected categories of purchases or all purchases.

Provision of very attractive financial and delivery conditions

thanks to our business relationships with financial service providers and manufacturers/suppliers.

Selection of the most suitable manufacturers/suppliers,

organization of selection procedures and regular classification of producers/suppliers, regular monitoring and analysis of purchase prices for individual deliveries, submission of proposals to improve the process of acquisition and consumption of goods.

An easy and fast way of placing and monitoring orders

through an internet application.

Taking over the complete supply.

Possibility to add other supplier services.

Assembly work on technological equipment and automated lines

by certified workers of production and assembly companies.