One of the most complicated and time-consuming operations of any company is the purchase of secondary products – e.g. for maintenance, repairs and other operational activities.

This is usually a large volume of very diverse goods of a relatively small value. However, regardless of the value of the goods, these purchasing processes represent a huge burden on each company’s budget, as they require a lot of administrative work and time to award contracts to many different companies, conduct many selection procedures, find the most suitable supplier and generally process accompanying documentation and invoices of large a number of suppliers, each of which offers different business conditions, a different quality of services, etc. The total price of the purchased goods is determined not only by the purchase price, but also by the administrative price during the acquisition of the goods and the costs associated with the storage of the goods.

SUPPLY SERVIS offers outsourcing using a system of integrated supply of industrial components, which allows significant simplification of the entire purchasing process. This concept is based on a long-term partnership between our company and our clients, and it significantly reduces the total cost of purchased goods. The greatest added value for our clients in addition to reduced costs is transparency, greater control and the speed and flexibility of services provided.


The range of services is wide – from the classic supply of industrial components to highly specialized services in the field of integration of supplier services. For our regular and potential clients, we have an experienced team of internal and external collaborators with many years of experience in the purchase and supply of industrial components. We work with the most sought-after manufacturers and their authorized distributors. Our goal is not to break the links between the original suppliers and industrial companies, on the contrary, we want to strengthen their traditional role as a technological partner, giving them more time to deal with technical rather than administrative matters.

Outsourcing services change the usual, traditional ways of acquiring goods and services, and qualified application significantly contributes to the overall streamlining of operations. We offer respectable cooperation based on a long-term contractual relationship and backed by quality references from the domestic market. Of course, the quality of services can be verified non-bindingly before signing a contract.

Our system is governed by the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, it is modern and offers sufficient flexibility and user comfort, and we will be happy to show you how it works.